This year was the most difficult and painful year of Chinese out of my three years. I found this class harder then the 7-8 class i took last year. I though that AP Chinese would be similar to Honors Chinese but was not and i came into the class with a false sense of preparedness. This class was a bit too fast pace and i found that the majority of the class couldn't keep up with the pace of it, and it was shown in our test/quiz grades. However, i think overall this class helped me prepare for the AP test which is ultimately the end goal for all AP classes and taught me many interesting and relevant things about Chinese culture that i never knew.
My advise for next year is too spend more class time disusing the actual chapter rather then about projects or what will happen later this week because i found that we wasted a lot of time discussing pretty much nothing which made it even harder on us to catch up. Also i think there should be less group projects because those often take up the most time to less effect because most people don't actually listen to other groups presentations. However, i think you did a great job in preping us for the AP test and I will miss you next year and miss the 2 years i spent with you and 1 year year i spend with Ms.Hsuan.